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Women 4.0 Grand Coalition - Lea

These videos produced by Digital Luxembourg feature women who are working and studying ICT. They can be used to inspired students to work in field and show role models.


What is it about ?

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition initiative in Luxembourg aims to fill the significant shortage of professionals in information and communications technology (ICT) with concrete actions such as increasing the number of ICT apprenticeships as well as to establish more direct links between education and business, to standardize qualification requirements. In order to achieve those aims, for instance a selection of videos with women working in digital fields will be released. The videos will include their experiences, their ‘career path’ and current stage of their careers, also showcasing their successes and their first experience with STEM. Those videos aim to encourage more girls and women to work in the field.

How to use it ?

Some of the activities can be used as classroom material. Videos of women working in the digital field can be presented during the class to start a discussion about gender issues. Videos can also be seen at home as a part of the assignment, and during the class teachers can start discussion about typical day of presented role models and challenges that they assume this person can face at work. Students can also analyse the ‘career path’ and the background of the role model and analyse what routes can lead to this career, to show that for many, a career in the digital field is within reach. Also, the offers of apprenticeships can be shared with students.

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