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Meet inspirational women in Sciences: Dr. Elisabeth John

Use this resource to concretely illustrate the career of a woman in scientific research and attract more girls in this field.


What is it about ?

Dr. Elisabeth John holds a PhD in Biology (more specifically in genetics). She is coordinator of the Scienteens Lab, a research laboratory dedicated to teenagers at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, University of Luxemburg. In 2015, she received an award from the National research funds of Luxembourg for the Outstanding Promotion of Science to the Public. During this 3 min 30 sec interview she presents her background, sharing with us her motivations to choose a STEM career, she explains how she organises her job activities with her private life and gives some advice to boost interest of girls in STEM disciplines.

How to use it ?

Use this resource in counselling sessions to concretely illustrate to girls the career of women in science research and to attract more girls in this field. You can combine this video with the brochure Hello Future describing the careers in BioHealth industry in Luxembourg and the video “Meet a scientist: Anna Heintz, Microbiologist at the University in Luxembourg”.

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