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Kniwwelino: Discovering the basics of coding & electronics

The Kniwwelino environment helps discover the basics of coding & electronics with an inclusive playful approach.


What is it about ?

Kniwwelino proposes a colourful and playful coding interface. Following the progressive activities, accessible freely, pupils can compose their code by combining pieces of puzzle (pieces of code indeed). The code is then compiled and sent to the tangible board and pupils can test their code right away. Pupils learn the principles of coding hands-on, and they develop their creativity, problem-solving and collaboration competences through the different guided activities. The exercises adapts to the level of the participants: from basic to more advanced level.

How to use it ?

Many activities and workshops are proposed on a wiki to progressively acquire coding competences. As examples, pupils can display their name on the board, exchange messages between boards (friendship bracelets) and program an alarm with music.

The coding interface and activities are available for free, without having to create an account.

The board, an IoT with a matrix of led to display messages, as well as electronic components can be bought at https://kniwwelino.com/index.php/categorie-produit/famille-kniwwelino/

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