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Women Role Models in STEM

Use this video to introduce real world STEM models.Ask pupils to name their RM in a STEM career and why the’ve chosen them.


What is it about ?

As we lack examples of women Role Models in the text books some concrete figures will alleviate this gap.

At the Conference “Inspiring Women” in STEM were mentioned both contemporary and historical figures such as: Angela Merkel, Sheryl Kara Sandberg, Mary Somerville.

How to use it ?

  1. Discuss what a role model is.
  2. Do you know any female role models in STEM?
  3. Do you know who AM,SKS or MS are?

Let’s watch the video.

After watching activity:

  1. Divide the class into teams of four students and set homework: to look for a contemporary STEM Role Model (national or international) on the Internet and make a 5 minutes presentation for the next class (using power point presentation, posters or any other means) answering the questions:
  2. Why do you think she can be considered a STEM Role Model?
  3. What important facts impressed you most?

The assessment will take into consideration the team spirit, time, and the way it is presented.





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