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Willing to apply tinkering but lacking of inspirations and guidance? This resource will provide you with concrete examples, ideas and precise instructions to bring tinkering to your classroom straight on!


What is it about ?

Tinkering is a multifaceted activity. In this open source booklet The Exploratorium® has collected more than 50 examples to inspire and give indications to teachers (and parents, grandparents, neighbours, kids!) to imagine and create various experiments and tests. This resource is extremely useful to deepen the concrete implications that STEM can have in our everyday life, building skills and technical abilities in a funny and collaborative way.

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How to use it ?

The user only needs to surf through the website and find the experiment or the activity that suits the most with their abilities and capacities or that challenges their curiosity. Simply clicking on the activity title/image, users will expand the related description and have insights on the materials needed and techniques to be adopted. They will also find tips and explanations connecting the activity to the scientific theory or phenomenon besides!

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