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This is what I do in STEM. Monica, Systems Engineer

STEM is boring, dirty and solitary? Monica, Virtual Systems Engineer, proves these stereotypes wrong by giving us an exclusive view into the challenging puzzles she needs to solve together with her co-workers at Cisco! Use this for career guidance, in computer science class or technology class.


What is it about ?

‘This Is What I Do in STEM’ (‘Dit Doe Ik’ in Dutch) is the VHTO image and video database with pictures, short videos and personal stories of men and women with a career or study in STEM. The goal of the database is to break the stereotypes about STEM professionals.

How to use it ?

Girls and their teachers, mentors, deans, and parents can use this database to learn more about the current jobs in STEM. In this example, Monica, Virtual Systems Engineer at Cisco, tells her story. The video is set at her work place where the girls can watch her hold video conferences with clients and co-workers from all over the world, discuss the technical requirements of a project with a Danish university with a co-worker and talk to international co-workers from all over the world. This video is designed to break the stereotype some girls might have about STEM being nerdy, boring or lonely by showing Monica co-operate with diverse people on various projects.

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