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Dyslexia AI

Phonics- based literacy, for dyslexic students to master reading, spelling, rhyming & vowels!


What is it about ?

Dyslexia.ai is an AI-powered application that allows pupils with dyslexia to learn in a fun, engaging, interactive and helpful way. The app not only offers games to improve learning skills during free-time, but also provides friendly tools that facilitate the learning process for students with dyslexia. Voice recognition, an extensive dictionary, and vision aid will help students learn and improve their skills, also thanks to personalized learning tools and exercises. Among other features, teachers can assign homework to track the student’s progress in real time . This way, teacher(s) will understand the student’s personal needs and exact struggles, thus being able to find a customised solution for each student. Likewise, the student will be supported with the necessary assistance in order to follow the class without any constraints.

How to use it ?

Let the gamification of this app support your students with dyslexia and the whole class by letting everyone learn at their own peace!

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