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Tackling sexist stereotypes in advertising with "Déclic'Critique"

Why not tackle sexist stereotypes in advertising with your pupils?


What is it about ?

The Déclic’Critique videos aim to develop pupils’ critical thinking. This particular video tackles sexist stereotypes and the distribution of social roles in advertising. It is based on toy commercials. Its goals are to identify and eliminate gender stereotypes and deconstruct social roles, which are essential steps in establishing equality between girls and boy and women and men.

How to use it ?

The Déclic’Critique video targets teachers. It shows extracts from a media and information lesson in class. It is 4’49 long. It goes with a teaching kit including: – a fact sheet about pink vs. blue and gendered toys,

  • a lesson plan to help teachers set up the activity with their pupils,
  • the 2 Playmobil advertisements that can be played in class. Each advert is 20 seconds long.

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