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STEM by me

A podcast collecting interviews to young women employed within different and various STEM sectors.


What is it about ?

A good number of life-experiences and journeys that have led diverse young women to their job within the STEM sectors. From doctors to lab-technicians, from engineers to sea-guardians, plus a selection of female-myths from our history, told in a nutshell and in a fun way.

How to use it ?

Teachers can present the diverse episodes to the classroom, letting the pupils get inspired by the paths and careers of these young STEM-women. on this base, the teacher(S) can ask students to perform further research as homework, or organise in-class debates and discussions also inviting guests and eternal experts. This will help students investigate the STEM sector and have a clearer idea on the path to take for a career in the STEM world. Make sure the doors of mind and imagination are open, so that the class can profit from the extracts at their utmost!

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