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Sexual education

You’ll find many resources such as books, videos and posters to build a comprehensive sex education project.


What is it about ?

Here is a checklist to build a comprehensive sex education project:

● legal framework: a holistic, positive and caring approach respecting privacy and cultural values; taking diversity and co-education into account; principle of secularism. ● sex education and the development of psychosocial skills ● designing sex education sessions: implementation principles, ideas for creating a SE session, resources, challenges, communicating with families, evaluating sessions, etc. ● managing sex education sessions: multi-category teams, building a multi-annual project in a health-promoting school, collective mobilisation to develop sex education to support learning and the school climate; pupil well-being and the fight against inequalities; ensuring a progressive approach, cross-disciplinary education. ● mobilise and involve institution and associations according to the legal framework, accreditation, conditions for intervention.

How to use it ?

Many resources that can be used in class and lesson ideas are available by following the link. There are many video and book references available. For instance, the book entitled “Petit Doux n’a pas peur” helps young children learn how to say no. The posters and cartoons by Elise Gravel deals with many boys and girls issues such as Is it okay for boys to hug? Is it ok for boys to be caring and affectionate? "Les Petits Philosophes" videos by Bayam which target very young pupils deal with questions like what makes us happy. "Mily Miss questions" are videos about 9-year-old Mily and her friends who learn about some of the major themes of life through everyday situations.

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