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Positive actions for girls in mixed education

“Why for girls ?”
You might have already faced such questions already. We have several pieces of answers for you.


What is it about ?

A presentation of good practices in EU to show why “girls only” actions are needed to raise awareness for girls around STEM and recommendation to offer them in a mixed school environment. This will be supported by a collection of interventions from non-profit organisations active in the EU. It will be also a reminder that science was taught differently to boys and girls in a recent past and that has a strong impact on girls react to STEM nowadays.

How to use it ?

The practices include guidelines on how to best respond to the arguments regarding activity ‘only for girls’ activities. This can be an inspiration for creating a classroom debate, what is also suggested in the guidelines, and go through particular questions/doubts and create arguments and then compare them with the ones used in the file. These guidelines can also be used by teachers as a basis for creation of some STEM activities for girls and understanding their importance in the teaching activities.

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