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Monopoly of inequalities

Step into the shoes of a character and discover how the rules apply differently depending on their gender, their age, their skin color, their social category just like in real life.


What is it about ?

This game, which is an extension of the famous Monopoly, is an educational tool created by l’Observatoire des Inégalité in France. It encourage players to think about inequalities and discrimination in our society. Each child plays a character who is different from him or her, which allows important subjects to be addressed in a fun way.

A Monopoly board game (not included is required).

How to use it ?

The unfair rules of the game are already a topic of conversation. The children will be able to think together and look for solutions to combat these inequalities and find ways to make society fairer through a participatory approach.

Resource Language


Teaching Activity


Awareness & Counselling



Teaching Level

Secondary School

Discrimination Ground

race / ethnic origins

socio-economic constraints