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Meet inspirational women in ICT: Marija Bajica

Use this resource to concretely illustrate the career of a woman in ICT and attract more girls in this field.


What is it about ?

Marija Bajica (Croatia) holds a Bsc in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Zagreb. She worked previously in Europe and Australia (IBM Croatia, Oikon – Institute of Applied Ecology) as entrepreneur, manager and freelancer in the capacity of IT and project management consultant and trainer. She held a position as President of the Project Management Institute Croatia for the period 2013-2018. During this 10 minutes English interview she presents her background, sharing with us her motivations to choose a STEM career, she also explains how she organizes her job activities with her private life and gives some advice to boost interest of girls in STEM disciplines.

How to use it ?

Use this resource in counselling sessions to concretely illustrate to girls the career of women in ICT industry and attract more girls in this field. You can combine this video with the brochure Hello Future describing the careers in ICT industry in Luxembourg.

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