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Meet a scientist: Stéphanie Zimmer, Engineer of agronomy

Use this resource to show girls the concrete tasks of an engineer in agronomy and the social and environmental contribution of such a job.


What is it about ?

This 5 min 18 sec video is an interview of Stephanie Zimmer, an engineer of agronomy at IBLA (Institute for Organic Agriculture Luxembourg) an institute conducting research in organics agriculture. In Luxembourgish (subtitled in English), Stephanie explains the environmental and societal issues of organics agriculture, the research objectives of IBLA and what her job consists in. Her researches aim is to find alternatives to how one can practice agriculture without needing to use chemical pesticides and mineral fertilizers.The interview shows Stephanie in her daily tasks: in an office or in the fields, but also practising sports (handball) during her free time.

How to use it ?

Use this resource in natural sciences lessons or counselling sessions to illustrate girls the concrete tasks of an engineer in agronomy and the societal and environmental contribution such job brings. The video also shows that people working in this field can have a real work-life balance . You can combine this video with the brochures Hello Future describing the careers in BioHealth.






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