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"Les Olympes de la Parole" competition

Why not participate in a speaking competition to encourage primary and secondary school pupils to examine gender issues?


What is it about ?

“The Olympes de la Parole” competition, now run in several countries, was first launched in France in 2000. The French competition is organised by l'association française des femmes diplômées des universités, le ministère chargé de l'Education nationale, le ministère chargé de l'Egalité entre les femmes et les hommes et le Haut Conseil à l'Égalité.

This speaking competition for high school pupils aims to encourage primary and secondary school girls and boys to examine gender issues. This competition makes them reflect upon the place of each person, male and female, in school and in society at large through the lens of equality between boys and girls, between men and women. Pupils write a project and create a skit or a video to illustrate the theme of the year. If selected, they then play their skit or video in front of the jury.

Countries currently running the “The Olympes de la Parole” competition are Canada, Tunisia, Morocco, Spain and Switzerland.

How to use it ?

This kind of competition offers a unique opportunity for primary, middle and secondary school girls and boys to engage in a global reflection on gender equality and discuss how to influence policies that foster a fairer society. A new theme is picked each year. For instance, the 2024 competition focuses on the place of women in the Olympic Games.





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