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It has all started in the “computer science club"

Computer science clubs in school are a place where many young people develop their interest in new technologies. However these clubs are often “no girls”.


What is it about ?

The video showcases the famous tech entrepreneurs and their beginning, with particular emphasis on the importance of computer science club, where many of them have started. Famous tech entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and others created the 10 most used app in the world, but women are still missing in the picture. It further goes along on explaining what challenges girls face when joining this type of initiatives and what impact it can have on their career choice and future plans. Video also mentions the consequences that society faces due to this lack of diversity.

How to use it ?

This video can be a good class resource and the questions asked at the beginning could initiate the class discussion on the knowledge of the women entrepreneurs and app students are using. Are they familiar with women who have created important/popular apps? Who created the apps they have on their phones? What type of online business would girls from the class like to create? If there is a Computer Science Club it is also important to start the discussion on whether this is a welcoming environment for the girls, what could change or improve for them to feel more welcome. If the club does not exist, what could be the ideal club where everyone could feel welcome?

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