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How to organize a Digital Girl Summer Camp?

Use this content to organize a summer camp for encouraging low secondary school female students to choose a computer science curriculum!


What is it about ?

These practical guidelines aim to help teachers in organizing a successful Summer Camp for encouraging low secondary school female students to choose a computer science curriculum. The guidelines are inspired by an already existing successful initiative called “Ragazze Digitali” organized by the University of Modena and Reggio Emillia (Italy) in collaboration with the European Women’s Management Development International Network (EWMD). These guidelines are designed for transferring and adapting “Ragazze Digitali” to target younger female students. They are organized in various sections in order to guide teachers in the organization of the Summer Camp in all its aspects: from the creation of the working group, to the definition of the summer camp programme and from the identification of the teachers/speakers to the definition of the budget.

How to use it ?

Teachers of upper secondary schools, and especially ICT teachers, who would like to increase the number of female students engaged in studies and professional paths in computer science, can use these guidelines to set up a Summer camp to motivate more girls to enroll to their study programmes. The guidelines, indeed, provide indicative steps to take for the organization of the summer camp by adapting the Italian good practice to their own contexts.

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