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ENIAC women

ENIAC women are famous for their work in the field of computing… when computing was still a women (clerical) occupation. This section tell you more about these women who made history.


What is it about ?

Short 20 min documentary presenting the story of women programmers standing behind ENIAC – the first all-electronic, programmable computer. Run by the U.S. army as a secret project during WWII, it shows the potential of women programmers. The names of the women were not released during the presentation of the project, but the documentary with exclusive interviews showcases their life’s work.

How to use it ?

Warm up activity:

  1. Students answer questions about the history of computers and the people connected with the biggest changes in the IT sector
  2. Students discuss the role of women involved in computer science. Do they know any?
  3. Introduction of the topic ENIAC and the movie.

Follow up activities:

Projects in groups: Looking for women in the IT industry, who they are, what they do, how did they influence the computer science field.

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