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Educational toolkit to help fight gender stereotypes in primary school_

Gender issues are never easy to tackle but this toolkit will present the transport sector opportunities to overcome every boundary!


What is it about ?

This toolkit has been developed for primary school teachers and primary school young learners (6-7 years old). It aims to support teachers to organise discussions in the classroom to effectively address gender stereotypes, based on the example of the transport sector. Other than primary school teachers, this toolkit also allows preschool teachers, school leaders and school counsellors to challenge gender stereotypes in schools, where an environment free of stereotypes may lay a firm foundation for children to grow up freely and develop their unique interests and talents.

How to use it ?

Beside providing background information and key-messages on gender and the parallelisms within the transport sector (toolset 1), this toolkit is organized in sections to allow for: a. initial teachers' self-assessment (toolset 2); b. activities to learn about and discuss about gender stereotypes (toolset 3); c. information and activities on STEM jobs (toolset 4 ); d. overview on the transport sector and learning activities related to it (toolset 5); e. an ex-post self-assessment for teachers (toolset 6) and f. further resources (toolset 7)

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non-binary definition of gender