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Collection of movies with women in STEM

Are your aware of any gender stereotypes in your class? How do you face them? Movies can be useful for you to raise the awareness of girls and boys on gender stereotypes in STEM, and to present inspirational role models for all. Enjoy this list of movies we have made up for you and watch their trailer in Youtube!


What is it about ?

This 8 minutes video in English presents a list of movies and documentaries about women in STEM. The aim of the video is to offer to teachers alternative instruments to help them to contrast gender stereotypes in the class. In particular, it suggests teachers to use movies for raising the awareness of girls and boys on gender stereotypes in STEM, and for presenting inspirational role models for all. The video presents 7 movies/documentaries about women in STEM.

How to use it ?

Teachers can show to students the full movies or just select a few scenes. It is also suggested to start discussions and brainstorming sessions after watching the movies/documentaries. The seven movies indicated are briefly presented, by mentioning the type (drama, comedy, documentary), the director, the year, the kind of STEM subject they focus on and the plot.

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