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C0D1NC Toolkit

A training toolkit developed to empower secondary-school students to teach primary-school students on coding and other digital competencies, letting IT become a medium for problem solving, self-confidence, creativity and mutual/peer- learning!


What is it about ?

This toolkit provides teachers to train secondary-school students in order to prepare them to further convey coding lessons to primary-schools kids.

With this double aim in mind, the resource is composed of: 1.a first section focusing on a proper 10-hour training preparation, introducing coding via scratch and animation programmes; and 2. a second section, expanding on the workshop to hold with pupils and characterised by a peer-to-peer approach.

It also entails useful resources such as energisers, activities and sheets for review and feedback.

The resource was realised by the project CODINC - n° 592121-EPP-1-2017-1-BE-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN that aimed at offering a peer-to-peer learning method by training young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to become animators to their younger peers. .

More info at www.codinc.fun

How to use it ?

Primary- and secondary-schools' teachers can use this resource to have useful insights and materials to train their students on coding and IT skills.

The best use of this material would be to perform the project activities, naming the pass-on of teaching and peer-learning between secondary- and primary-school pupils. Still, the resource is interesting and helpful also to engage the class with basic coding instructions!

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