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Battle horse

Create your team, choose your horse and bring it back to its stable while answering questions about family, media, professional world, health… with an approach on inequalities.


What is it about ?

This open source game was developed in the framework of the ACT’ODD project (objectifs de développement durable) with the purpose to raise awareness on inequalities and animate educational sessions in a playful and participatory way. This educational tool is “Print and Play”: you can download, print and cut the material yourself from the PDF file provided.

Content: Little horses game board (to print in A3) with its 4 extensions 4 pawns of different colors A classic dice Two specific dice: a dice with “1, 2, 3” faces only and a die with faces “4, 5, 6” only 4 sets of “rules” cards: 2 for men’s teams and 2 for teams women (to print in A3) Joker and Event cards (to print in A3) Question sheet for the end of the activity.

How to use it ?

Inequalities/injustices/discrimination between women and men exist and happen on a daily basis in all spheres of life. It is important not to focus on a specific theme but to see the problem in its entirety. The game is a good tool for challenging students.

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Secondary School

Discrimination Ground

race / ethnic origins

socio-economic constraints