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Compilation of resources on boy/girl equality

This booklet gives food for thought and offers ways to raise young people's awareness about gender equality.


What is it about ?

This booklet is the result of collaborative work by a group of teachers and the Moselle equal opportunity group.

To build a comprehensive educational project, you need: ● a clear legal framework with a global, positive and benevolent approach taking into account culture and diversity ● to promote pupils' well-being and tackle inequalities thanks to a progressive approach and transdisciplinary education ● to engage institutional and associative partners in accordance with the legal framework, accreditation, and conditions for intervention. More information to be found on éduscol website.https://eduscol.education.fr/document/42973/download

How to use it ?

The aim of this booklet is to give teachers a starting point for action. Among the many resources available to teachers by following the link, books can easily be used in class to introduce and work on the theme of gender equality and foster discussions with pupils.

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