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the alien game

An activity to identify our representation of women and men and question the consequences of these differences


What is it about ?

An alien has just arrived on Earth. It knows nothing about its inhabitants, it has never seen a human being and it has no idea that this planet is made up of men and women. Participants must help the alien understand who people are, especially recognizing the differences between women and men.

How to use it ?

The way of differentiating the two sexes for the activity can be done in different ways, through drawings, discussions, sticky notes, models, etc. Once the criteria are met, the students may be asked to discuss these differences, stereotypes... For a more intersectional approach, the teacher could enlarge the grounds of dicrimination/difference that are made between people based on other criteria that the gender.

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Teaching Activity


Awareness & Counselling



Teaching Level

Secondary School

Discrimination Ground

socio-economic constraints