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Bringing tinkering to school

This EU Project output gives concrete examples for the STEM teachers to integrate and enrich their activites' portfolio with tinkering, thus supporting inclusive teaching and learning in STEM and including the Science Capital framework in their practice.


What is it about ?

As the document's introduction reports, "tinkering creates a bridging point between a learner’s personal interests and experiences and a broad range of possible learning outcomes. It offers valuable opportunities to engage all students in STEM and fosters a more inclusive STEM education. In this way, it is very much aligned with a Science Capital Teaching Approach: fundamentally, it is a highly personalised pedagogy, which allows the learner to follow their own interests and set their own goals."

The laboratories proposed, based on the Tinkering Approach, have been designed, identified and previously tested by the [EU Project "Tinkering EU: Building Science Capital for ALL"](LINK: http://www.museoscienza.it/tinkering-eu2/) partners both at school and in the Science Museum Consortium member.

How to use it ?

Teachers can use this practical and easy-to-read resource in order to offer inclusive STEM activities to their pupils.

Full version of the resource "Tinkering and Science Capital: Ideas and Perspectives" can be found at http:// www.museoscienza.org/tinkering-eu2/resources. asp

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