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Augmented Reality (AR) App

What's the STEM job that best suits you? CARES Project Augmented Reality App aims at providing you with the response! Via interactive quiz and concerete advice, this app is a useful tool to better understand the STEM job market and its requirements.


What is it about ?

Output of the CARES EU Project (https://cares-erasmus.eu/), the CARES AR App is an interactive app featuring current and future STEM jobs, including potential earnings, responsibilities and qualifications needed. The app also includes a career quiz, which plays a vital role in career exploration and pathways. The resource is a technological endeavour aimed at promoting STEMM careers and providing career advice to students and job seekers. It is also correlated to a report providing an analysis of STEM careers advice in the project partner countries (UK, Turkey, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria), highlighting the different approaches taken to promote STEM careers and the impact of these initiatives (https://cares-erasmus.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/CARES-STEMM-Careers-Guidance-Report.pdf).

How to use it ?

The app can be consulted autonomously and navigating among the various resources or via the career quiz. Replying to the multiple-choice quiz' questions, the system will provide an overview of the STEM careers most close and matching with the user's profile. Accordingly, the user will be given of advice, indications and recommendations concerning the related career paths, being enabled to learn the work styles that suit them most, including analytical, creative, practical, helping (medical) or administrative.

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